The Story Behind Brown Goose

We have recently added Shelbi Lawson to the team here to write some brief pieces for our website about the bands we have coming in to play the taproom. These folks all have great stories about how they got in the business and why they love playing music. For the first installment, Shelbi caught up with Brown Goose, a band playing here for Food Trick Friday on September 14. Enjoy...

-- Shelbi Lawson, writer

The Brown Goose is a self-described “charming set of dudes spreading positive vibes and with high energy rock performances from Tallahassee, Florida.” They’ve been told their sound relates to Aerosmith mixed with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Taking Back Sunday. They draw their inspiration for their music from “a vast gray area,” as well as influences they’ve found either on their own or together that eventually come out later in new songs. A fair bit of that influence also comes from the music of their parent’s generation, and the covers they play overlap in the sound of the music they make today (check out their YouTube channel, Brown Geese, to hear an awesome live cover of “Come Sail Away” made famous by Styx). The band has performed with The Revivalists, Parliament-Funkadelic, Non Point, Cracker, Devour the Day, Starset, Zach Deputy, Afroman, and Village Sticks- just to name a few!

The Brown Goose was started by Mike Ingram in 2011, with the band’s name actually honoring his chocolate lab named Goose. In 2013, Barrence Dupree was acquired in a merger with the band Edens Fill. Heath Fowler (The Bad Verbs- formerly known as Mia Medusa- and Ivory Lights) joined in late 2015. In November 2017, the Geese hit a jackpot when they picked up Giovanni Marrero-Baez in a bass/guitar trade for Jake Dane with Wolf and Witness. Jonathan McLaughlin finally joined from Midnight Matinee. The band has really been clicking both on the stage and off over the last year.

Their favorite things to do in their downtime is hitting the beach when they’re in a coastal town. If they are traveling in their beloved van they’ve nicknamed “Blackfish” (Game of Thrones reference), they like to listen to music, talk about recent shows they’ve been watching, and Star Wars. They have played in Mobile a few times this year at O’Dalys and “had a blast” at that venue - however, this will be their first time in Fairhope. Come Friday night, you might be in luck to hear a couple new songs from them that are still un-recorded, as well as a cover or two. They are also bringing their signature t-shirts that they’ll be selling during Food Truck Friday (to see an example, head to their website:

One thing they want the people of Fairhope to know about them: “We’re just happy to get to travel and meet wonderful folks in new places and we hope everyone has a great time”.

Instagram: thebrowngoose

Facebook: The Brown Goose

YouTube: Brown Geese