Marlow Boys - The Inside Scoop!

-- By Shelbi Lawson

The Marlow Boys are a local band based out of Fairhope. Karl and Joe Langley grew up outside of Fairhope near the small community of Marlow. Joe currently lives in Daphne with his wife and daughters, and said if everything pans out he would love to find a piece of property to settle down and live in Fairhope “forever”.

The band met three years ago at the Green Room Studio in Fairhope, after being invited by the owner for a meet and greet. Phil Proctor wanted a band that focused on original music, and when they all came together to start playing, it was “effortless”. Phil Proctor and Stan Foster have regular gigs at Callaghans in Mobile, which became an open door for the band to feature new music every last Wednesday of each month.

In terms of describing themselves and their sound, the Marlow Boys say that everyone in the band has a completely different personality. They’re all family men which shines through in their music. “Each band member at times is fun, serious, OCD, scattered, covered, smothered, and chopped. Each band member brings a packed tool box of talent so there's a versatility that we enjoy as a band. Each member sings lead and harmony which is one of my [Joe] absolute favorite parts of Marlow.”

When the band’s in-between shows, they record as much music as they can. Their favorite places in Fairhope to hang out are anywhere near the water, especially Mobile Bay and Fish River. Every place Marlow Boys have played in Fairhope they love. One of their songs, “Bay of the Holy Spirit”, was written after Joe Langley did some research on the history of Mobile Bay. Fairhope Brewery so far is the only Brewery that the Marlow Boys have played at together.

When I asked them what their ultimate goals are, they said, “Marlow is all about original music. Ultimately we want to make music that is a time stamp for us as a band. We want to be excited about Marlow music, which hopefully, will inspire people to enjoy more Marlow music and original music in general. Hopefully, we will keep up the writing, recording, and playing for many years to come.”

To find out more about where else to see the Marlow Boys, you can find and follow them on Facebook (just search ‘Marlow Boys’) for any and all up-to-date information to keep up with what they’re doing and where they’re playing. If you can’t get enough on Saturday, don’t worry; they’re scheduled for some local shows and festivals over the next couple months.

Here’s what to expect from the band on Saturday; “Marlow loves to engage people. We love to stretch out and play. We love to make the room feel as if we were in your own living room. It's going to be a blast.” We can’t wait!

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