Black Friday - all the info

We have plenty of great dark beers this year for our annual Black Friday extravaganza! Before we get to the full list of beers, we'll fill you in on the other fun events of the day...

Taproom open at 12:00, and the Bleus Burger food truck will be on site all day with their burgers, fries, wraps, etc. On the music front, we will have Mitch Johnston in the house starting at 3:00, followed by Hans Wenzel and the 86ers at 6:00 (

Now for the beers! Some of these will rotate in, as we'll keep a few of our staple non-dark beers on tap throughout the day as well. But we'll keep 12 on at all times!

-- Kingslayer (barrel-aged imperial stout)
-- Awkward Hug (barrel-aged imperial porter)
-- Frank the Tank (imperial stout)
-- Merry Widows 2018 (barrel-aged imperial stout)
-- Long Handshake (imperial porter)
-- Sweet Potato Porter (spiced porter)
-- There’s Something About Merry (holiday dark ale)
-- Gingerbread Stout (spiced stout)
-- Painted Black (black IPA)
-- Peanut Butter Porter (flavored porter)
-- Judge Roy Bean (coffee stout)
-- Barrel-Aged South of the Porter (barrel-aged cayenne and cinnamon porter)
-- Frank Sumatra (stout with Sumatra coffee added)
-- Coconut Judge Roy Bean (coffee stout with coconut)
-- New World Stout (spicy stout)
-- Dark Sunglasses (dark kolsch style ale)
-- Pumpkin Porter (spiced porter)