Rescue Dog Star Search

For nearly a decade, Fairhope Brewing Company has released Rescue Dog Red, a seasonal favorite benefitting the Baldwin County Humane Society. Last year's can artwork featured some of our team's favorite four-legged friends, and it was a huge hit. As we started planning for the 2022 release, we thought it would be fun to let our community nominate their own dogs to be on one of our cans, and the Rescue Dog Star Search Contest was born.

In May 2022, we invited rescue dog lovers and craft beer fans everywhere to enter their dogs for a chance to be the official four-legged face of Rescue Dog Red.

The response was overwhelming as we received nearly 400 entries within just a few days. It was a painstaking process, but we narrowed it down to ten furry finalists.

Get to know our nominees below, and stay tuned to see who will be named the top dog this fall when we release Rescue Dog Red.

(Pictured above, left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Forest: After dancing around the interstate and other highways for two years, avoiding law enforcement and animal control the entire time, Forest was finally caught by a giant trap (and a rotisserie chicken) in Daphne, Alabama. In the weeks after he was adopted, Forest became a part of a wonderful family that includes an emotional support cat named Bob and two human brothers.

  2. Cyde Mays: A ball of energy who loves playing with his dog-sister, Clyde was adopted at an event in Spanish Fort, Alabama just this spring. The only time his energy can be put on hold is when he is expecting a treat, at which point his patience knows no bounds. Clyde's bark/howl combination is as impressive as his ability to catch houseflies.

  3. Nicki: When she was just six months old, Nicki was left by the side of the road in Foley, Alabama. In the years since she was adopted, Nicki has become a wonderful foster sister to the dogs-in-need taken in by her family. She has also become quite adept at chasing the shadows of butterflies.

  4. Reuben: Abandoned at just six weeks old, it took months for Reuben to become healthy. Years later, Reuben is the defender of his family pack and will always make sure that his people (and dog-people) are safe from invading squirrels. You can often find him taking up every inch of a king-sized bed.

  5. Bindi: The doctors couldn't save her leg after Bindi was hit by a car in Mobile, but that hasn't slowed down this three-legged supermodel: Bindi is the happiest dog around, and is always willing to lend a hand to other animals-in-need – like the blind dogs and cats that her family has fostered.

  6. Gordie: Named after hockey legend Gordie Howe, this 18 month-old pup was adopted in Mobile after being left in a burlap sack in a briar patch. When he isn't making friends by licking and kissing with his super-sized tongue, you can find him sleeping on his back – spread eagle with one front leg in the air.

  7. Chip was hit hard by the pandemic. His family had to move, and a dog of Chip's size was not welcome at their new spot. Meanwhile, Chip's adoptive mother had just had her world turned upside down by disease and loss. They needed each other, and they found each other with the help of Baldwin Humane Society in 2020. Chip's favorite treat is butter – taken straight from the dinner table.

  8. Ozzy: Ozzy was found walking the streets of Bay Minette, Alabama in December of 2017, and was taken in by a loving family shortly thereafter. A year later, Ozzy joined the Alabama Task Force K-9 Team, earning Type II and Type III Disaster Search Dog certifications. Before assisting in the search efforts following Hurricane Laura in Louisiana in 2020, Ozzy was a part of the Walking School Bus in Fairhope. Sadly, after less than five years on earth, Ozzy passed away suddenly in April.

  9. Diddy: Named after a character in the film Labrynth, Sir Didymus was the runt of his litter. A bundle of energy, this little guy will play, run, and dig all day long. The only thing more adorable than his bow tie is the way his voice cracks as he barks at passers-by.

  10. Moose: In 2018, Moose was a stray who made his home somewhere near a high school in Satsuma, Alabama. The teenagers would feed him whatever scraps they had, but eventually realized that this boy needed a real home. His foster family fell in love, and Moose now lives on their couch, using a soft blanket as his pillow.