Guest Bartenders of Christmas 2021

Each December, Fairhope Brewing invites familiar faces from the Mobile Bay Area to serve as guest bartenders and raise money for local charities and nonprofit organizations through tips and donations. To date, our holiday tradition has raised more than $25,000, and we are hoping to make 2021 year the best yet!

This year you’ll recognize our bartenders from local radio shows, city government, Sunday sermons, and community activists.

They’ll be working hard to raise funds and awareness for organizations like the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation and Children of the World. It is quite a motley crew, but what else would you expect from the team at FBC? Where else can you see City Council members and Catholic Priests coming together to pour beers?


Tuesday, December 7th
▪ Sean Sullivan and Dalton Orwig from FM Talk 106.5 for Flight Oar Die

Wednesday, December 8th
▪ Jennifer Flad and Randy Niemeyer for the Exceptional Foundation

Monday, December 13th
▪ Father Steve Williams and Father Gil Piette from St. Lawrence Catholic Church for St. Vincent dePaul Society

Tuesday, December 14th
▪ Dr. Robbie Rux from Magnolia Springs Pediatrics and Dr. McLane Trotter from Cardiology Associates for Children of the World

Wednesday, December 15th
▪ The Fairhope City Council for the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation

Sunday, December 19th
▪ Ralph Hargrove for the Hargrove Foundation

All of the Bartenders of Christmas will bartend from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.